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Kryton Products

Krystol Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing
  • Added to the concrete mix or applied to existing concrete surfaces. Reduces permeability to create waterproof concrete.
  • Effective long term waterproofing even under high hydrostatic pressure
  • Shortens construction schedules, reduces corrosion, lowers maintenance costs, self-seals, integral (can’t be damaged).
  • Underground Parking, Potable Water Tanks, Foundations, Basements, Swimming Pools, Marine Structures, Tunnels, Reservoirs, Desalination Plants, Waste Water Treatment
Swellable Waterstops for Concrete Joints
  • Seal concrete construction joints and stop water.
  • Withstand extreme hydrostatic pressure up to 8 bar.
  • Controlled swelling ensures concrete strength development.
  • Swells up to 4x more than the competition
Concrete Crack & Leak Repair
  • Crystalline waterproofing system repairs leaking cracks, holes and joints found in concrete.
  • Stop high rates of water flow under high-hydrostatic pressure.
  • Save money and outperform costly injection repair systems.

Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing
  • Waterproof substructures.
  • Waterproof roofs, walkways, decks etc.
Thermal Insulation
  • Polyurethane Foam.
  • Heat reflective coatings for steel and concrete.

Fireproof Coating For Structural Steel Load Bearing Substrate / Members
  • Fireproof all commercial industries, petro chemical and refinery plants using fire retardant coatings.
  • Fire resistant duct works for ventilation, smoke exhaust, non-domestic kitchen exhaust etc.
  • Cementitious water proofing for concrete.
  • Fire stops.
  • Fire retardant sealants.
  • Fireproof expansion joints sealants.
Spray Applied Membrane Systems
  • Waterproof substructures.
  • Waterproof roofs, water reservoirs, sewage treatment tanks, tunnels, bridge decks etc.
  • Protection of gas and oil pipes and tanks.
  • Protection of factory floors, freezers, hospitals etc.

Protective Coating For Steel and Concrete
  • For architectural design engineering workmanship like sports complexes, metro railway, bridges / tunnels etc.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings for steel and concrete.
  • Chemical and weather resistant coatings for steel and concrete.
  • Polypropylene fiber.
  • Provide high strength durable concrete and asphalt.

Protection against Earthquakes and Explosions
  • Explosion protective coatings.
  • Seismic expansion joints.
Acoustics Insulation
  • Acoustics sealants, fiber and sheets.